There's videos of Neo having exciting adventures on this page that will entertain everyone.  Be amazed by what a schoolboy can do on a 6 gear race tuned motorbike, and see what adrenaline fuelled activities this fun loving youngster has tried to get his pulse racing away from the track.

You can watch him flow riding 30mph waves, take first place when competing for Great Britain against riders from 27 countries, driving go-karts, being interviewed, riding a waverunner, Nitro Neo's Tech-Tips, show what a lap of the track looked like when he raced in the Arenacross UK final watched by over 10,000 people at the world renowned Wembley Arena and more.

Take a look at VIP Motocross Track, it's #NitroNeoApproved !

Take a lap of the track that over 10,000 people watched Neo race in the Arenacross UK live show at Wembley Arena

Neo shows money can buy happiness, well a motocross bike

and that is the same thing

Enduro is good for developing technical skills used in motocross,

so we recorded Neo's first experience in this new discipline

Neo can race on a 250cc 6 years time, but he couldn't

wait that long to see what all that power feels like

Nitro Neo's Tech-Tips help you maintain your motocross bike, so put your manual down and watch this 5 year old show you how it's done

ITV News break the story of Neo being crowned a Local Hero

If it has wheels then Neo will give it a try, watch this video of him trying

go-karting on a rare day off

See what a lap of the race track at FatCat MotoParc looks like as Neo works on smoothing out the whoops and get his starts dialled in

A 'Mission Impossible' aerial assault course didn't prove impossible when Nitro worked on his agility at Closer to the Edge

Neo is seriously determined so we weren't suprised when he challenged himself to chase a bigger, faster bike during practice

Watch this video to find out why MXGP professional, Adam Sterry,

sent a thank you gift to Neo.

2016 Neo raced for Team GB in France after just 6 months experience riding a 65cc; 750 riders represented 27 countries at MX Master Kids

#BraapChat features Neo wearing a camera and mic so you can hear what he's thinking whilst riding his motocross bike at FatCat Moto Parc

Watch Neo's epic adventure racing for Great Britain and taking first

place in the only international competition for his age group

Filmed at a typical motocross training day, #NitroLife reveals how Neo's racing career started and how he prepares for race day

Boom!  Take a ride with Neo as his helmet mounted action camera records him taking the holeshot award and 1st place

This MX Master Kids UK video shows the fun Neo has at weekends touring Europe to race and why he loves his moto-life so much

The first MX athlete to lead a parade on a motocross bike through city streets then switch on Christmas lights with Capital FMs Dino & Pete

Martial arts instructors chose Neo as Black Belt Academy Student of the Year as he receives the Bobby Dorka Foundation Award

Bounce Revolution Trampoline park help Neo keep moving forward in motorsport.  Take a peek inside the fun filled leisure venue

Riding a waverunner, climbing, waterslides and pproviding evening entertainment; not your average 7 year olds break from racing

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